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Developed in Britain By Ex-Forces
Developed in Britain By Ex-Forces

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Superb Customer Support

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What is Omerta?

Noun - "the South Italian code of honor that places importance on silence in the face of questioning by authorities or outsiders."

Encrypted Security Phone Specialists

We have over 20 years experience in IT & Security. With backgrounds in the Special Forces, Legal Sector & Higher Education. Previous projects include advising Senior Academics at top University's on safeguarding data from South American Drug Cartels & data encryption in areas of civil unrest in Africa.

We've used this experience to design and produce mobile phones which ensure our customers are heard only when they want and their data read only when chosen. We build devices which enables Omerta - "the code of honour that places importance on silence".

Why should I trust Omerta Digital Technologies?

World class hardware & "best of breed" applications assembled by an IT expert of 20 years. We deliver a new gold standard in privacy.

  • Google Pixel Smartphones

    Google Pixel Smartphones

    We use Googles flagship range of smartphones to ensure hi end security, superior performance & premium design.

  • Running GrapheneOS

    Running GrapheneOS

    As recommended by Edward Snowden - GrapheneOS is an Android-based, security-hardened, privacy focused mobile operating system

  • Fully Encrypted Communications

    Fully Encrypted Communications

    Using cryptography designed by the finest minds in the world, our apps employ encryption which is mathematically impossible to defeat.


We make fully encrypted, anti surveillance, security hardened smartphones for privacy concerned individuals & business.


Omerta handsets are encrypted using military-grade algorithms which ensure no data can be extracted from the handset until the proper password is supplied.

Fully Encrypted Phone calls

Fully encrypted phone calls providing secure, private communications. Operating peer 2 peer, no records exist of communications.

Encrypted Peer to Peer messaging

Message colleagues whilst benefiting from self destruct texts & anti-screenshot technology. Works exclusively between 2 parties with no remote service involved.

Introducing the Omerta range

Security-centric OS

Utilising GrapheneOS, a security hardened version of Android 10 with a focus on security & privacy first and foremost.

Physical access protection

The Titan M chip offers the worlds best protection against hackers with direct access to your phone. (NB Premium model only)

GPS Enabled Offline Navigation

GPS enabled maps stored locally on the handset means you don't need to lose out on features t gain security. Download local area maps for turn by turn navigation.

Security hardware designed by Google

Titan series by Omerta: Our Titan range of phones utilise the same chipset as Google use to protect their global infrastructure. 

Visit our blog to learn more about the Titan chipset &  find out how it helps protect you.

Edward Snowden, CIA Whistleblower & Civil rights Activist

"If I were configuring a smartphone today, I'd use @DanielMicay's @GrapheneOS as the base operating system."

Learn about GrapheneOS

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