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Overall Condition: Handset used by myself for development. Fully wiped & re-flashed with GrapheneOS. Medium smudging on body & micro scratching on screen.
Screen Condition: Minor scratches, invisible when screen is on.
Body Condition: Excellent overall condition. No scratches just smudging.

Description: Used by myself as a test handset, this handset shows signs of usage on the body but the screen is immaculate. With a new cover on, it will look as good as new! Perfect for anyone seeking high end protection on a budget.

Product Description

Titan Extreme by Omerta, is our first generation Flagship Fully Encrypted, Anti Surveillance, Security Hardened Android Phone. Built around a customised Google Pixel 3, & available in two form factors, Standard and Extra Large, the Titan Extreme & Extreme XL sports all the features of the Titan handset plus:
  1. 30% faster performance - outperforms Samsung Galaxy S9
  2. Premium, luxury build quality - handset sports aluminum unibody design with a glass overlay finish.
  3. Brighter, more vivid OLED screen.
  4. Higher screen to body ration (less bevel)
  5. Tougher, more scratch-resistant screen due to Gorilla Glass
  6. Supports wireless charging
  7. Water-resistance through IPV6 rating

In short, the Titan Extreme delivers all the security benefits of the Titan with a premium finish to rival an iPhone. The Titan Extreme is a security-conscious handset designed to make a statement to all who see it.

Like all other Omerta phones, Titan Extreme features anti-tamper hardware which provides USB Port Encryption, protecting against unwanted data extraction.

Featuring military-grade encryption, a decentralised peer to peer communications & 100% anonymous internet browsing, the Titan Extreme provides users with complete peace of mind because all communications, data & media are completely unreadable to any malicious 3rd parties trying to intercept or eavesdrop on your Smart Phone. The Titan Extreme sets a Platinum standard in mobile phone security.

Fully Encrypted Communications

Using cryptography designed by the finest minds in the world, the Titan Extreme encryption is mathematically impossible to defeat without the correct password meaning your privacy is guaranteed. With documented proof of the CIA & FBI being unable to retrieve data from our software you can be certain that your privacy is assured.

What features does it have?

The Titan range by Omerta benefits from all our standard features including military-grade encryption, usb port encryption, unbreakable communications engine & delivers a robust, secure handset designed to provide communications & data transfer that quite simply cannot be intercepted, eaves-dropped or decoded.

Increased Security via Titan M

Based upon hardware used to protect Googles global infrastructure, the Titan M chip is designed to withstand attacks serious attacks from state players such as Russia & China  The Titan M is the most advanced security chip of its kind. The security benefits realised by the Titan M include:

-- Increased protection against phone hacking.

-- Improves protection even when the attacker has physical access to the handset.

-- Boot time attack protection.

-- OS tamper protection.

-- Prevents fake log-ins

-- Protects against direct electrical connection attacks

Is this the right phone for me?

The Titan range is designed as Enterprise-grade handset providing superior security for anyone requiring to make secure calls/messages & protect against data theft. The handset provides high-level protection up to state actor level &, thanks to the Titan M chipset in conjunction with GrapheneOS, can sustain prolonged attempts at access by bad actors with significant resources.

If you feel this scenario is outside the scope of any risk assessment then consider the Stealth range.

Hardware Comparisson: Titan Extreme vs Titan Extreme XL

What is included in the order?

  • 1 x Titan Extreme by Omerta
  • USB-C cable
  • SIM Popper
  • Instructions (digital download)

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When will I receive my order?

Orders are processed within 3 working days so please allow up to 5 business days for your phone to arrive. All items are sent by recorded delivery & you will receive a tracking order via email once your item has been posted.

How much will it cost?

Shipping to the United Kingdom is free. For overseas orders please email OmertaComms@protonmail.com

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