Aramid Fibre Phone Case - Limitless 3.0


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Works with our ecosystem of Limitless 3.0 accessories: Car Vent Mount, Suction Mount, Wall Mount

Our Limitless 3.0 phone cases are made from poly-carbonate and TPU (used in riot shields)

Contains our innovative impact material AiroShock

Contains our magnetic mounting technology AutoAlignPlus

Available in a variety of material backs

Contains microfibre internal lining

L: 149.46mm W:75.2mm H:12.63mm

Adds 2.2mm thickness to your smartphone

All Mous phone cases come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

See our Warranty page for full details

Limitless 3.0 cases are not compatible with Limitless 2.0 accessories. When designing our newer Limitless 3.0 range, we redesigned our magnetic mounting system to provide a stronger hold between larger phone models and our mounts, whilst increasing compatibility with third-party wireless chargers.

Our Limitless 3.0 cases have been designed to be Qi compliant. Qi-certified third-party chargers should work smoothly and efficiently with our cases. If a third-party charger isnt Qi-certified then wed recommend against using it, as it will likely not be as efficient.

Limitless 3.0 features our AutoAlignPlus magnetic technology to add even more powerful functionality alongside our Mounts and Wallets.
The cases feature an internal microfibre layer, helping to prevent the risk of breaks and scratches to glass backed phones.
The cases include an extra internal SIM card slot, precisely engineered to sit seamlessly behind the phone.

When will I receive my order?

Orders are processed within 3 working days so please allow up to 5 business days for your phone to arrive. All items are sent by recorded delivery & you will receive a tracking order via email once your item has been posted.

How much will it cost?

Shipping to the United Kingdom is free. For overseas orders please email

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