Standard Features across the DB series


A new concept in security phones within the civilian sector, the DB series are entirely custom built handsets utilising hardware from Samsung's Military Division. The Omerta range sport a full and complete range of security features designed to protect your data, your communications & your privacy.

All Omerta handsets feature custom made anti tamper hardware designed to prevent tampering & data extraction via the USB port. Samsung Techwin design these chips with the sole intention of reducing the footprint available to attackers to gain access to your data.

This chipset, in combination with other hardware improvements & OS hardening ensure you are being protected by world class technology.

What do you mean "Above Military Standard Encryption"

When we talk about military-grade encryption, we mean a cipher which is so complex, for a modern supercomputer to break it would take over 6 million years. Our encryption utilises algorithms which far exceed this standard so for lack of an official term, we simple say above military standard encryption.

What features are standard on the DB Series?

The following features are standard across the range ensuring you've never felt as safe. Entry level should not deter you as its security standard is still above military specification.

  • Custom built hardware with vastly improved security characteristics.
  • Stunning new aesthetic thanks to new phone model.
  • Always on tamper protection hardware which monitors for signs of break-in.
  • Unique approach to security allowing standard commercial sims to be used securely. 
  • The Samsung Knox chip protects your encryption keys and prevents attemtps to bypass the CPU.
  • A bespoke Encryption Reactor. Every DB handset benefits from a standalone encryption chipset.
  • Serverless P2P Voice & Video Calls which none BD users can benefit from.
  • Undecipherable Text Messaging Chat
  • Ultra Secure File Transfer and Storage
  • Secure Encryption Keys which are generated by the user never a third party.
  • Comprehensive eavesdropping-resistant feature-set including defence against IMSI catchers.
  • 3 Year Samsung Warranty

With no need to rely on Encrypted SIMs to achieve anonymity, Omerta once again sets a new standard for civilian privacy and security. Whilst featuring bespoke hardware like nothing else on the market, the DB series offers a competitive total cost of ownership when compared to monthly security sims& delivers a superior service thanks to its military origins.