Can I benefit from encrypted calls to non Omerta handsets?
Answer: You can make encrypted calls & send encrypted messages to other phones by ensuring the recipient installs Signal Private Messenger. BEWARE HOWEVER - whilst your communications will be encrypted, you cannt guarantee the security of the recipients handset & they could be leaking your communications through other channels.
Are there subscription costs?
Answer :
There are no additional costs associated with running your Omerta handset & you will benefit from all its features immediately on receipt. We may offer additional services to improve your experience but these are not mandatory or required for an enhanced privacy experience.
How secure are my voice calls & messages?
Answer :
Provided your calls & messages are sent via Signal Private Messenger then you can be certain all transmissions are 100% unreadable to third parties.
Can I install my own apps onto the phone?
Answer :
In general yes you can. However the handset does not have Google Play Services installed so any application with this as a pre-requisite might not work. Customers install their own apps at their own risk.
Can I request WhatsApp & other? messaging applications
Answer :
Yes you can - email or add a note during check out & we will add the app during setup
Does the phone come with a user guide?
Answer :
Your Omerta handset is provided with comprehensive documentation to assist you.
Can I get a discount on bulk orders?
Answer :
Certainly - get in touch to discuss your requirements
Can I request customisation of the handset?
Answer :
Yes you can! Contact us to discuss your requirements
Are Omerta Phones compatible with PGP or Encrochat
Answer: Omerta handsets are not compatible with PGP or Encrochat. We feel these technologies provide questionable protection against state players and we do not intend to introduce compatibility with these in the future.
Can I purchase anonymously?
Answer: Yes - we accept paysafe vouchers which render no paper trail. Get in touch today.
Are location services encrypted?
Answer :
Yes they are however, by default, location services are switched off.