Anti Tamper/Anti Hacking Technology on the DB Series

Anti Tamper Security

Additionally the standard anti-tamper protection such as preventing data leaks via the USB port, the handset features an active self-destruct mechanism which, if used, will zap the internal circuitry rendering portions of hardware entirely unreadable in a permanent fashion.

Meet Knox - Samsungs Titan

The handset features Knox, Samsung's next generation security platform. Knox is a multi-layered hardware and software security feature that is always enabled. The Knox platform contains overlapping defence and security mechanisms that protect your data against intrusion, malware, and malicious threats.

Furthermore we include a world-class security solution called Forte. Forte knits together the Knox features into a usable security solution that aggressively protects your data from hackers & data theft. You can read more about Knox here.

Old School Protection where it is needed.

The Omerta DB Series utilises tried and tested security measures, that over the decades, have continued to prove reliable. We do not operate any servers nor save any of your data. All our apps can be used offline & will operate effectively even when air-gapped thanks in part to the handsets' generous hardware allocation. Any Omerta DB Series operator can take have peace of mind that their data, both today & in the future, will be safe thanks to the security measures in place.