G-1 by Omerta - Entry Level Encrypted Smartphone


G-1 by Omerta

The GQ from Omerta is the spiritual successor to the Omerta Stealth. Designed as an entry level handset, you'd be forgiven for mistaking it for a higher tier phone.  With the same security standard as the GQ, the G-1 offers leading edge encryption & security to ensure your messages, yours calls, your photos & other cloud data is protected from all bad actors & State Sponsored Surveillance. Building on our successful Titan Series, the G-1 sports excellent security thanks to the improved hardware from Google (Tamper Resistant Hardware & Titan M); matured OS in the form of GrapheneOS & exclusive Omerta features that are discussed below.

Remain cool under pressure with Duress Wipe

The G-Series by Omerta features our brand-new Security Panel. This brings the security features that are important to you within easy reach. We now offer an enhanced range of Emergency Wipe functions including: 
  1. Biometric Duress Wipe - using the fingerprint reader, it is possible to make a finger initiate a factory reset while the rest simply unlocks the device
  2. Dead Hand Switch: Set the phone to wipe itself if untouched for 24 hours.

  3. Failed Login Wipe: The handset will factory reset after a set amount of failed login attempts.

  4. As standard we include the innovative anti snatch mechanism.  

 Furthermore we have developed compatibility with both a Bluetooth clicker & smartphone allowing remote control of your handset while- under duress.

Want an app with that? 

Apps have always been a large area of concern for privacy aware individuals as guidance on safety is sketchy. At Omerta we have always wanted to remove this barrier from our clients & now we have. Introducing our own FDroid repository, clients can now install any apps from our repository with the peace of mind that all the apps have been vetted and tested. (-NB Service launching this quarter).

Protection never looked so good 

It became a sore point to see an Omerta being placed in a phat rubber case, more suitable for a thermonuclear war rather than a set of keys & short fall to the floor. Thankfully our G-1 is no longer blighted with the brick look, not after we sourced an excellent range of high quality transparent wraps which offers excellent protection.

 Besides adding almost no thickness to the handset, they offer incredible 360 degree protection against every day scenarios whilst also offering self healing on the screen. They are so thin, in fact, that you can still place a case on your phone if needed.

Now supports E-Sim & Encrypted SIM 

The G-Series are compatible with the Omerta Encrypted SIM card & the ESIM variant. If you want to make secure calls without the use of an App, then you can purchase a G-Series with our high-performance Encrypted SIM cards.

Its not all James Bond, 007.....

Unlike other Security Phones which forget you may actually want a SmartPhone to do more than hide things, the G-1 benefits from Googles experience in digital photography and delivers excellent photographs.

Besides imagery, the Smartphone has 128GB of storage and a beautiful, almost borderless screen with punch hole camera to idle time away reading the internet or watching movies. Overall the G-1 is an excellent computing device in its own right & whilst lacking the punch of the GQ still offers an excellent computing experience whilst offering security that is on par with the GQ.



We offer customisation of all G-Series handsets, including:

  1. Camera removal

  2. GPS disabled

  3. Storage partitioning to run high risk applications

  4. Phone antenna removal

For more details including pricing, contact us prior to ordering.


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