DBV by Omerta - Entry Range, Fully Encrypted, Anti Surveillance, Security Hardened Phone


The Omerta DBV - 5G Ready Entry Level Complete Encrypted Phone solution

Free yourself from the recurring costs of Encrypted SIM. The Omerta DBV runs on any commercial data sim yet is significantly more secure than traditional encrypted device and encrypted Sim.

The DBV by Omerta is an entry level device within the DB Series which offer a revolutionary new approach to providing secure communications. No longer is a Encrypted SIM card required to secure your location, your calls or keep you safe from an IMSI catcher.

We have built a handset which leverages the power of the internet in conjunction with a 4 pass, multi layered encryption technique that includes the only recognised quantum computer proof method of encryption, One Time Pad Cryptology.

We also recognise clientele want to use a wide variety of communication channels & we have designed the DBV to work with all widely used apps such as Signal Private Messenger, Wikr, Skype to name a few.

Built on a security hardened version of Android & utilising the same bespoke hardware as the DB9, the DBV offers military grade security that exceeds any other device on the market whilst still allowing the user to benefit from a normal Android experience & enjoy unlimited data without the associated costs normally reserved from Encrypted SIMs.

The DB Encryption Reactor - Innovative Hardware Encryption Engine

The DB Series are the only devices to incorporate our own propitiatory encryption microchip, the Encryption Reactor. Our hardware performs real time encryption on all data, applying 4 Consecutive Layers of Symmetric Encryption: OTP, AES 256, Blowfish 448 + NoFish 44

The inclusion of the hardware encryption module allows for complex real time encryption which is above both Government & Military standards, making the DB series one of the safest, most private & secure phones available on the consumer market.

How it works

The DB series has an independent CPU from the primary processor that runs Android. There code is running on the DB Encryption Processor creating resistance to attacks that exploit shared resources, such as software side-channel attacks that can compromise other software executing on the same processor.

This separation means DB protects sensitive data even if the primary phone processor itself is completely compromised. In addition to being resistant to software attacks, DB series is also designed to be tamper-proof to thwart hardware attacks, should the device be in the hands of a bad actor.

DB series is resistant to hardware attacks such as the following:

  1. Physical probing to disclose data
  2. Physical manipulation of the circuitry to deactivate security mechanisms
  3. Forced information leakage Hardware side-channel attacks such as differential power analysis to disclose data
  4. Fault injection to bypass security mechanisms.


The DB Super Encryption system is designed to operate separately from other SoC components. It has its own secure processing environment consisting of:

  1. the DB Processor
  2. DB Super Encryption Engine
  3. encrypted SRAM
  4. encrypted ROM.


It also provides enhanced security and data protection against various hardware-based attacks, by monitoring the hardware status and its environment using a series of security sensors or detectors including:

  1. High and Low Temperature detectors
  2. High and Low Supply Voltage detectors
  3. Supply Voltage Glitch detector
  4. Laser detector

What about my location?

  1. Location tracking is a big concern to most individuals & the DB series protects against the 3 main vectors.
  2. The handsets feature a GPS Jammer to protect against incoming requests on the CDMA, GSM, 3g, 4G,LTE & 5G - nothing on the market comes close to this level of aggressive defence.
  3. Cell Towers data is blocked so MMC (country code), MNC (carrier code), LAC (current cell code) & Cell ID are all concealed thus further protecting your location.
  4. Wifi data collecting is blocked thus preventing local networks being used to establish location. Never before has using a regular sim allowed such privacy & freedom. Enjoy unlimited data & 5G whilst benefitting world class security & privacy.

What apps do I get?

Whilst the DBV has been designed from the ground up to work securely with the worlds most commonly used communication tools such as Signal Private Messenger, WhatsApp, Wickr, ThreeMa & Skype, to name but a few.

  1. One Time Pad: We include a One Time Pad with each handset. This enables users to make encrypted texts, videos, audio clips & files which can be sent by text or internet messenger or even via a third partys phone.
  2. Voice & Video Calling Similar to Zoom, our voice & video calling solution offers a true serverless peer 2 peer communication platform suitable for all DB Users. It is also possible to contact none DB users and provide them with the same security simply by providing a web link. Their phone then opens a web browser on a secure page for true peer to peer communication that is airtight (NB. The DB series offers no assurances that the recipients handset is free of malware, keyloggers etc).
  3. Secure Messaging Our video calling app also allows for standard messaging with support for secure file sharing.

What SIM card do I need?

We recommend utilising a data sim to get maximum benefits.


The Omerta DBV has a 3 year manufacturers warranty and can be actioned from any where in the world. Due to Samsung's Military wing manufacturing the specialist parts, you have peace of mind that your investment can be repaired anywhere in the world under its warranty. Besides, the warranty users also benefit from the Omerta Self-Service Portal & entitlement to use the Helpdesk for incidents & guidance.


There is a two-week lead time on DBV orders & then an additional three days for shipping. All orders are shipped via express courier with full insurance. Buyers can expect to receive their handset within 18 days of purchase.

When will I receive my order?

Orders are processed within 3 working days so please allow up to 5 business days for your phone to arrive. All items are sent by recorded delivery & you will receive a tracking order via email once your item has been posted.

How much will it cost?

Shipping to the United Kingdom is free. For overseas orders please email OmertaComms@protonmail.com

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