User guide updated - new features available

Feb 18 , 2020

User guide updated - new features available

Existing Omerta customers should download the new user guide to benefit from a selection of new apps that we recommend. These apps will add additional functionality to your device  & improve your privacy and data security. Highlights include:

  1. Covert delete: With this enabled you can set the phone to factory reset should the PIN code be input wrong after a predetermined number of attempts. This allows you to advise a bad actor on a false PIN and watch the erase your phone to prevent data falling into the wrong hands!
  2. Snatch protecion: This feature will lock your phone should it be snatched out of your hands.

Besides new features; the user guide has been updated to advise on previously undocumented apps. Users are encouraged to download the new guide to get further value from their handset.

User Manual Download

Click here to download the user guide.