The sky falls down on Sky ECC's head. RICO charges issued by the USA fr Directors.

Mar 13 , 2021

The sky falls down on Sky ECC's head. RICO charges issued by the USA fr Directors.

The news goes from bad to worse where users of Sky ECC is concerned. Whilst Sky has wriggled to advise their servers were not compromised, it is now alleged they had infrastructure in the USA. Some media outlets suggest up to a billion messages have been seen. And now, the final nail in the casket, the USA has issued RICO charges against the directors of Sky. You can read more from Bleeping Computers

Don't be a sheep, choose your next provider wisely

Users of encrypted phones need to review their next step wisely - Sky grabbed a huge customer boost with Encrochat falling whilst operating a business model that had the same inherent risks as Encrochat. Customers moved blindly to the next service provider without considering for one moment if they were any  safer.

Bet smart, choose Omerta

At Omerta I have a commitment to ensuring we deliver  technology that is safe based on IT Best Practise. Not IT which can be marketed easily to appear safe.

That means we employ strategies & processes which to the layman counter intuitive. This means we will not develop our own secret communication app which appears "safer & more secure" because I know that Omerta, Sky, Encrochat & every other encrypted phone supplier will never beat technology giants such as Open Whisper Systems when it comes to making, designing & maintaining  secure apps. It also mean we will not succumb to uncontrolled growth & reseller business model which dilutes security for everyone.

Omerta will remain a tight knit family boutique business delivering high end security to a small number of clients to ensure quality and standards remain high.

If this means capping growth then this will be done. I will give advise counter to yours if I think your approach endangers you. Omerta will do what is best for our clients security not our pocket. So choose wisely when considering your next encryption partner.

Choose wisely; choose Omerta.