Samsung Galaxy joins the Omerta Line up

May 10 , 2022

Samsung Galaxy joins the Omerta Line up

Omerta is delighted to announce a recent partnership with an Israeli Cyber Defence Laboratory so that we can offer high end technology normally reserved for the upper echelons of power. 

The Omerta DB-9

Fresh on-site is is the Omerta DB-9; a security hardened handset built from the ground up with protection for the end user built into the hardware itself. The phone has several hardware components such as antenna, microphone & camera removed and replaced by components specially design by Samsung Techwin (the military division of Samsung). 

What this means is the handset is at the absolute cutting edge of encryption/security technology & testament to this is the fact that the phone is in use by heads of state, militaries, A list celebrities etc already. 

The phone comes supplied with its own proprietary communication tool, one time cipher pad, secret partition & Forte technology to compliment the Knox security hardware. To ensure privacy is maintained, and no issues arise from management of Servers, all the proprietary software is peer2peer & no servers are required. 

As standard, all on phone encryption utilises a four layer encryption process for unparalleled security.

The Omerta DB-V

 Again based on a Samsung handset, the DB-V is an encryption only tool, for sending encryption messages only. With no microphone or speaker this is a pure messaging tool that uses "above government level" encryption as a standard. 

Details to follow in full later this week.

Private Communication Network

A much requested feature has been the inclusion of a secure communication app on Omerta devices. The DB-9 now has such an offering & we will be filtering this down the G-Series too. Entirely web based; operationally agnostic, the platform is totally peer to peer & sessions are erased on completion. This is another example of tried and tested methodologies being deployed to deliver enhanced security.

One Time Cipher Pad

This new app uses what we colloquially call Above Government  Standard encryption - this app enables anyone to encrypt a text message or file into a text string. So once encrypted you can simply copy and paste the text into a none secure app & it will be unbreakable to anyone without the decryption app. 

Deceptively simple in its appearance, the app allows you to communicate without any fear of people nearby you reading your texts.

What is instore for a Post Quantum Computer world?

Over the following weeks we will be expanding our range of goods in thanks to our recent partnership. This means you can expect world class security computer & communication devices worthy of the name Omerta.