Protect your Credentials! Use PIN Scrambling.

Feb 13 , 2020

Protect your Credentials! Use PIN Scrambling.

PIN ScrambingAt Omerta we spend considerable time reviewing technology to ensure we deliver the safest, securest solutions to protect your data. Yet, due to this effort, it is probably the simplest none tech attacks that yield success for bad actors since the technology is so secure.

An example of this is PIN code stealing. I've witnessed the act on several occasions, whereby a bad actor carefully (and discretely) watch the victim key in the code. More often than not, the PIN is identified by watching where on the screen the victim is pressing, since it would be too obvious to stare at the number on the screen.

Omerta phones offer protection against this low tech attack by utilizing PIN Scrambling - the PIN Screen simply mixes up the number's position, rendering this attack impotent.

Simple techniques for low tech attacks. Ensuring Omerta.