Phone Administration & Management

Apr 07 , 2020

Phone Administration & Management

Remote Phone Administration & Management

What is it?

Encrypted handsets offer a wealth of functionality over traditional secure channels however with scope comes risk. Since you have complete control over your handset, there are risks associated with installing apps on your phone. Risks also exist if the software doesn't get updated on a regular basis so, whilst lower with Omerta, there are areas whereby users have to exert some degree of responsibility.

We recognise not all our clients want to do this & as such we now offer a fully managed service for your handset. Be it one or a hundred Omerta will happily manage your devices.

What do you do?

We operate a number of servers in Iceland, home of the strictest privacy laws in the world, and these servers exist to support and maintain Omerta handsets. Your handsets will have no app store on them to prevent any accident app installation & we can block downloads it required.

Our managed service provides the following:

  1. Regular updating and patching of all apps
  2. On request, we will assess, test & remotely install new apps or remove apps - customers get piece of mind any new app they wish to use will have been vetted by us on their behalf so they know the app will not compromise their privacy.
  3. Monitor your handset to ensure it is working optimally at all times.
  4. Continually monitor the security landscape for emerging threats and take appropriate action on your behalf.
  5. Apply various policies to your handset such as:
    1. Deactivate USB port/Bluetooth/network services/roaming etc
    2. Blacklist/Whitelist apps
    3. Configure handset settings
  6. Remotely Erase phone
  7. Locate handset/Lock/change PIN/send messages to alert current holder
  8. Apply rules according to geographic location

The managed service frees you to use your handset without any worries regarding its security  & essentially places its management in the hands of our Security  Specialists.

What if I decide to opt-out at a later date?

The managed service allows you to opt-out at any time. Once opted-out your handset still works & we simply apply an additional app to manage various update features. 

How many phones can you manage?

Our system can manage any number of handsets & we also provide an Enterprise Managed Solution, Omerta Consigliere, which you can read about here.

How much is it?

The managed service costs £20 per month per handset. We offer a £40 discount by paying for the entire year upfront.