PayPal presently not accepted

May 29 , 2020

PayPal presently not accepted

Thanks to a less than scrupulous customer, Omerta Digital will not be accepting PayPal payments for the foreseeable future. The ex-customer took it upon themselves to lodge a fraudulent complaint regarding a purchase from Omerta stating they had not received their item. In this instance, thanks to them making extensive use of their purchase, we were able to demonstrate overwhelmingly that they had, in fact, received their purchase. 

Omera is not one to take fraudulent behaviour lying down & we turned the case over to our aggressive & enthusiastic solicitors whom put the issue to rest.

All well that ends well. Except it isn't. Because PayPal has now used this as an excuse to freeze our PayPal account until we provide a wealth of paperwork justifying our existence. So, whilst we jump through hoops, PayPal will not be available to customers & we may very well decide to bin them altogether as this is the 3rd time in  4 months whereby PayPal has frozen our account whilst in possession of thousands of pounds which is earmarked for research & stock. 

In the meantime customers wishing to buy Omerta can use visa/debit card, pay by bank transfer or pay with Bitcoin.