Incident update: Network intrusion report

Aug 18 , 2022

Incident update: Network intrusion report

Following upo from yesterdays newsflash, we have almost restored normality back to the office. Unfortunately I've decided that whilst the attack was largely neutered by our defences, with our work, lingering doubt will always be there. So with great reluctance we will be writing off a lot of equipment. Great Job Hackers!

However we've something very special to replace the kit & we will share this with you next week. Also, I've decided to write up the entire experience, including Lessons Learned, what went right & wrong, the unspoken emotional impact of such an attack & offer some solid advise to our readers on what works to slow down such an attack. We were really surprised at the effectiveness of a few very basic strategy's. 

Regarding client data - we actually keep very little data locally on our devices meaning 95% of this is in the cloud & away from the attack.

To sign off, I'll leave this little tip - Cover your webcam. I am 99% certain that the hackers made use of the computer webcams & microphones to survey the scene & monitor us. Thankfully we keep cute little pin hole covers for our cameras so I am at least relieve no inappropriate self consummating images are circulating!

Cover that webcam, you never know who's watching!