VPN recommendations - NordVPN 3 year deal is enticing

Jul 20 , 2020

VPN recommendations - NordVPN 3 year deal is enticing

A question I'm commonly asked is which VPN does Omerta recommend. My opinion on this is split 3 ways:

  1. For protection, at no cost, the you cannot touch Orbot - it gets you into the TOR network and plays really well with GrapheneOS. But it has performance issues - its a free service, you can't expect blindingly fast internet as well!
  2. For protection & guaranteed anonymity, you can't beat the Switz & ProtonVPN has form for delivering high-performance VPN with the legal framework to support their assurances your usage is private.
  3. Finally, for best performance, it has to be NordVPN. 

Nord assures users that they keep no logs, that is they keep nothing of your usage so any prying authorities are going to be sorely disappointed should they make enquiries. 

I've been using Nord now for the past month & can testify to the platform's performance. Quite simply staggering internet speeds whilst I benefit from improved protection & privacy. If you are in the market for a VPN, & privacy is a requirement, then NordVPN is a great VPN that you can subscribe to for 3 years at a crazy price of just under £99

If your requirements are truly top secret then  I recommend ProtonVPN first, having an entire country's legal framework protecting you provides peace of mind, however for most requiring enhanced privacy, Nord is a great toolset which most likely is as secure as Proton - they just sneak ahead by being Swiss!

You can read more about Nord here - https://blockonomi.com/nordvpn-review/