Fraudulent Stealth Omerta Phones *allegedly* being sold by Australian Police Force

Sep 08 , 2021

Fraudulent Stealth Omerta Phones *allegedly* being sold by Australian Police Force

Have you bought a fake Omerta? 

Here's a tip - if you Australian then almost certainly as 99% of these handsets are fake.

Over the past few months w have been getting whispers from down under that the Omerta name was being used in conjunction with our phone brands to legitimise & give credibility to a device being sold by unscrupulous individuals. 

Whilst imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, my sources have indicated enough issues to warrant Omerta Digital Technologies to make it clear that we are in no way, shape or form associated with these people. 

The allegations are serious in nature & could potentially cause serious harm to various parties,. The allegations are:

  1. The name Stealth Omerta has been chosen to give immediate credibility & use our marketing materials to assist sales. 
  2. Several of my sources have stated that the Stealth Omerta brand is almost certainly the Australian Police Force.
  3. The technology being sold is riddled with back doors & call home apps.
  4. The target market is the criminal sector, indicating catastrophic outcomes for a lot of users.

How do I know I have a genuine Omerta?

Omerta Digital Technologies is a small, family run business making secure handsets. You will know if your handset is genuine because all business in conducted by myself or Sharon at our Dundee Office.

It could not be simpler - If you bought from a Reseller then its not Omerta. We do not use Resellers because the business of security cannot be handed off to the lowest bidder.

My Stealth Omerta works, why should I care?

But does it work? How can you tell? The very first thing about your reseller is that he has cheated you at the start. 

Since the very first thing you've been told about these products is a lie it is very worry to consider what else is a cover up. If you cannot trust the opening salvo to be truthful then god only knows what you've bought (well god, maybe the reseller & almost certainly the APF know what you've bought). 

Crap!!!! I bought a Stealth Omerta in Australia, what can I do?

This news will jolt a lot of people but it had to be put out in the wild to ensure users can objectively review their purchase before the Police potentially does.

Also it is incredibly important that users understand that we (Omerta Digital Technologies) had no part in their subsequent arrest, if indeed the technology bought was used in a nefarious way to incite  guilt.

Stealth Omerta Amnesty - swap you brick for a secure phone

To lighten the load & help others; we will exchange, free of charge, any Stealth Omerta for one of our genuine handsets. We have a number of Omerta Stealth Standard phones & one lucky client can walk away with a Titan Extreme. 

If you want to get involved and maybe get a new phone send an email to the helpdesk -