FBI acknowledge publicly available encrypted applications

Aug 23 , 2020

FBI acknowledge publicly available encrypted applications

The Omerta brand continues to grow globally with each passing day & we were delighted to be interviewed by Californian Cyber Security & Finance news "ShadowBaker.io" for their recent article about the FBI & Encrochat.

The article can be read in full here & makes for very interesting reading. In particular, the FBI believes, in the short term, that organised crime will “very likely will attempt to move much of their communications regarding criminal activity to some level of publicly available encrypted applications in the near term.”

What does this mean? It is confirmation from the FBI that tools such as those used by Omerta offer security suitable for clandestine communications. They foresee a shift by organised crime from the likes of Encrochat to existing tools written by specialists. 

Our strategy involves distributing risk across a number of publicly available specialist providers rather than building a unified, inhouse,  security system which represents a single point of failure, presents a honeypot for bad actors & creates a target for opportunists.

As Netwon once commented "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants". Omerta technology is developed very much in this spirit, meaning you have complete reassurance that the best minds are protecting your privacy.