Enhance your Omerta's security with Device Integrity Monitoring

Jan 05 , 2021

Enhance your Omerta's security with Device Integrity Monitoring

As a new year gift to all Omerta customers I've documented one of GrapheneOS's  most powerful security features - Device Integrity Monitoring. All  Omerta handsets have this feature  so you can consider this a belated Xmas gift!

Why should I care about this?

This feature is your last stand & it would most likely be cheaper to hire an Elite Assassin than to compromise your Omerta to the point Device Integrity Monitoring contacts you. But if a bad actor does then you'll have the last laugh because you'll be told about it!

What is Device Integrity Monitoring?

Put simply,  Device Integrity Monitoring is a check performed by a third party to ensure your phones software has not been modified in any  way, thus ensuring the integrity of the device. Because the check is carried out by a 3rd party server,the service is immune to malicious  applications or attempts to circumvent the security measure. Device Integrity Monitoring provides protection against attempts to alter the devices operating system & means you have absolute assurance that your device has not been compromised.

How does it work?

Device Integrity Monitoring comprises of two parts; the client app which resides on the handset & the server which does the security check. If the server finds your device has been compromised it then sends an email to you advising  that an issue has been found.

How do I set it up?

Visit our Knowledge Base and read the article entitled Setting up Device Integrity Monitoring with Auditor - The process takes about 5 minutes & is very easy.

Holy sh*t - I've just received an email from it! What should I do?

Close the curtains, move away from any windows & check for red laser markers on your person. Assuming the email is red or orange, look out for immediate threats associated with being an International person of mystery & turn off your phone before contacting the Omerta Helpdesk at support@omertadigital.com. Joking aside, don't panic, simply turn off the handset and get in touch.

The emails are colour coded - if its a green one you can forgo the bullet proof jacket and go about your business as usual!