Encrypted SIM Cards - what are they & what do they do?

Mar 30 , 2020

Encrypted SIM Cards - what are they & what do they do?

Introducing the Omerta Encrypted SIM Cards (Omerta eSIM)

Omerta is pleased to announce our own range of encrypted SIM cards (eSIM) to compliment our secure, encrypted phone range. Encrypted SIM cards offer an alternative means to provide secure, encrypted communications.

Whilst the Omerta Smartphone range delivers privacy through a sound understanding of IT security principles & extensive use of the internet, our eSIMs utilise the GSM network (Global System for Mobile Communication) for secure communications. This makes an encrypted SIM card very convenient as it will work with any unlocked handset.

What does an Encrypted SIM Card do?

An encrypted SIM card allows you to make and receive calls which are fully encrypted thus cannot be intercepted or listened to during transit. Furthermore, your outgoing number is randomly generated, thus hiding the origins & IMEI/IMSI data & location encryption mask your whereabouts. Lastly, the service also offers real-time voice changing to protect against audio analysis & identification.

What are the benefits of an Omerta eSIM?

No contracts: All Omerta Encrypted SIM cards are pre-paid so there are no contracts whatsoever. Simply pay & go.

Unlimited Worldwide Calling: A 6-month subscription entitles customers to make unlimited phones calls & SMS anywhere in the world. It really is that simple. We have included unlimited, location-independent calls into the base price for your comfort. Use a fixed upfront cost and forget about limitations. Stay connected any time, any place.

Encrypted calling to anyone: Omerta eSIMs use military-grade double-data encryption to code all of your calls and messages. No billing records, no location sharing, no traceable numbers or visible IMEI/IMSI. Omerta eSIM ensures your privacy is protected from all angles.

Geolocation anonymity: The Omerta eSIM card keeps your location private by encrypting your geolocation through a secure USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) channel. This means your location data is secure & makes an Omerta eSIM an excellent addition to any activist, journalist or privacy concerned individual.

Telephone number encryption: By using an advanced encryption process, an Omerta eSIM can generate a random number each time you call. The encryption occurs via a secure USSD channel & your original number is impossible to decipher. A further benefit is recipient call logs show the randomly generated number rather than your own number which further protects your privacy.

Change your voice characteristics: If voice identification is a threat to your privacy, then you can adjust your phonetic characteristics at the touch of a button. With 7 settings you can be assured any issue with voice identification is thoroughly mitigated.

How do I use it?

It really could not be simpler - insert the SIM card into your phone & start dialling. The general process used by our SIM cards is as follows:

  1. Call someone or answer someone else’s call.
  2. The call command contacts our automated servers through a secure USSD channel.
  3. Our servers instantly substitute your voice, encrypt your number and secure your location.
  4. Continue the call through a private, secure channel.
  5. After the call has ended, your interlocutor is left with a randomly generated number in his/her call log.

How much does it cost?

Omerta eSIM is available as a 6-month subscription package for a one-off fee of £999. There is no contract & no obligation to continue at the end of your 6 months.


Omerta eSIM also offers untraceable internet access. This is charged at a rate of £125 per 15GB.