Encrochat finished according to reports from Vice

Jun 23 , 2020

Encrochat finished according to reports from Vice

Vice News, the leftfield reporting outlet, has published an article today from their Technology wing "Motherboard" announcing Encrochat has made the decision to close their doors following the recent hacking scandal which led to a wave of arrests across Europe.

This leaves a huge amount of Encrochat customers wondering what to do with their handsets which are now unsupported & actually less useful than a brick! 

Motherboard claims to have received a message from an undisclosed person in control of an Encrochat email address stating "We have been forced to make the difficult decision to shut down our service and our business permanently," Whilst hearsay can be notoriously unreliable, given the impact of the past few weeks it stans to reason the damage done is beyond mitigation.

You can read the whole article here on Motherboard.

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