Customer feedback - "Best encrypted smartphone I've ever had, superior to Encro & Black Phone"

Jul 20 , 2020

Customer feedback - "Best encrypted smartphone I've ever had, superior to Encro & Black Phone"

One area we are very proud of is our customer relations - My partner & I strive hard to make every customer feel special & we work hard to ensure we are accessible to answer any questions you may have before you invest in an Omerta.

Trustpilot reviewI feel we have been successful in this respect as you only need to look at our TrustPilot page to see the glowing reviews left by customers. Another key point cited by customers is the quality of the phone Omerta produces... Time & time again I hear customers complain that the Encro/Silent Circle/Black Phone, whilst being secure & doing its job, are slow, prone to crashing & effectively low to mid range handsets, which, given the premium paid, fails to meet their expectations. However, they find they love their Omerta phone because not only does it provide the security they want, but it delivers high performance, looks beautiful & feels like a high-quality handset such as the iPhone. 

Check out our TrustPilot reviews to see the positive feedback we receive. It is clear that Omerta supersedes client expectations by delivering a phone which not only provides security but also delivers a device that customers love. Maybe its because each one is hand-coded & you can speak with the person who made it for you, maybe is because it is a beautiful. stunning piece of engineering or maybe it because you can have top-secret communications in between Instagramming. 

Whatever the X-factor is, we are proud that Omerta delivers this to a global audience and we want more people to join the Omerta family thus taking back their privacy.