Aurora Updated to v4 - Fixs login issue

Apr 01 , 2021

Aurora Updated to v4 - Fixs login issue

At Omerta we have championed Aurora as a brilliant replacement to Googles Play Store. Aurora allows users to log into the Google Play Store anonymously to browse, install & remove any app on your phone.

The true beauty of Aurora is allowing access to the entire eco system for none Google handsets. Besides ensuring all apps in store benefit from the heightened security Google provides, Aurora also delivers access to every app on the Play Store.

Whilst Aurora enables users to take advantage of their handsets flexibility, it is not without its small problems such as freezing during updates or failing to download apps. That was until last week when Aurora released a huge version update rather than a small incremental once.

Having briefly reviewed the update I will be first to say the new app looks and runs much better. Downloads are stabler & overall its a great update.

If you have been having issues logging into Aurora or updating Aurora to v4 then head over the Knowledge Base to get the fix. I hope this assists all clients who have been having issues with Aurora in the past.