Anom Phone bites the dust - FBI Trojan takes down the underworld

Jun 09 , 2021

Anom Phone bites the dust - FBI Trojan takes down the underworld

If the past 12 months has highlighted anything, then the main item in the spotlight surely has to be (excluding how terrible the criminal underworld is at assessing technology) is the creative lengths authorities will go to circumvent technology.

In a series of amazing gaffs, from the fall of Encrochat, the Sky EEC directors running from a RICO investigation, it now transpires that Anom Phone was never at risk of being hacked by law enforcement because (wait for it) - they were the creation and design of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)!  

In an unbelievable turn of events overt 800 arrests have happened after Police acknowledged they had been monitoring Anom customers for 18 months.  

In each case the major failing has been people  rather than technology & it highlights, ultimately, freely divulging information over a secure channel should be avoided or at the least kept to a minimum.  

You can read more about the story here. And if an Anom customer, maybe consider throwing the handset into the bin! Also keep your eyes peeled as we will be releasing a fleet of new products designed to keep you safe. If uncertainty is clouding your judgment about Omerta, I would point out we were selling a bum phone, which is far too funny to be a creation of the Bill